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What an Awkward Moment !

This morning as usual i was waiting for my boyfriend. I bought Nasi Uduk previously. Suddenly There was an elderly woman came and approached to me.
She :"You got that?" (she meant the Nasi Uduk).
I     : "Yes,I bought in there"
When she walked away, I saw her appearance soooooo dirty and untidy. I thought she was crazy woman.
A few minutes later, She came back and talked to me using the javanese language.
She  : "@#fdGD^&$#^&()^&%_+%^#$%%"
I      : ( I just replied with smile and raised my eyebrow)
She  : "#%#^^#$&#$!%#$&^%$&*%**%^(&^(&^(#$@@#!^$"
I       : (And I just replied withe smile and raised my eyebrow again)
Finally my boyfriend came, and i rushed immediately. And screamed " recently I sat down with a crazy woman. WHAT AN AWKWARD MOMENT !"

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Ratu Inez 9 April 2012 20.23

i think i know this story haha :D

Natasha R Santoso 10 April 2012 18.44

please tell me for twice :D

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