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Break Fasting Menu In Various Countries

Many moslems are scattered in this hemisphere.
They have break fasting menu each other.


Indonesia have break fasting menu,the name is Kolak. Kolak is like a dessert because the sweet taste but it's grouping in the appetizer because we eat this in the first part of break fasting. The contents of kolak are can be banannas, cassava, sweet pottato or a mixture of all three with a sauce made from coconut milk and brown sugar.


From a series of traditional tempting menu in Turkey, there is a menu that only appears during the holy month that is Roti Pide. Roti Pide was made from flour dough, yeast, olive oil, warm water and pure milk. It usually served with yogurt and nigela beans for the toppings.


Lebanon has familiar break fasting menu, that is Tabbouleh. Tabbouleh is like a salad. The Tabbouleh taste is sourness. Tabbouleh is made from wheat, tomato, parsley, and mint leave. 


Samosa is a traditional fried pastry was made from maida flour, potatoes, onions, mincemeat, and many spices. Samosa is  served with chutney sauce.

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