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Long Distance Relationship

Congrats for my beloved boyfriend Muhammad Afiff Isnaini on his success passing SNMPTN exam :*
And he will become a student in Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa University on September 2012.

He will stay there for 4 years,and will back on his holiday or weekend if he isn't in busy time.
Actually i will missing him very much. I never thought of LDR before, but since i knew he will stay in Serang for few years, i always thinking about losing. I don't wanna losing him. I loooooveeeee him very much.
I will missing you laugh,scent,hugs,kisses,care.
I will missing you Apop ;(

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miss rhea 19 Juli 2012 19.55

aww, you make me feel sad :( everythings gonna be okay girl :)
blogwalking here and find your cute blog. mind to follow each others? ^^


Natasha R Santoso 21 Juli 2012 00.13

thank you,rhea :)
okay,following me back yaaa :)

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